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Meet Jackie

Remember way back when in elementary school, once or twice a year you’d get the chance to buy a book at the book fair? That was my absolute favorite.

But instead of the latest Judy Blume or adding to my Little House in the Prairie library, I would seek out anything and everything I could find on television, behind the scenes stories, how shows are made, I was a TV junkie — not just watching but learning.

Flash forward to 1995, fresh out of college, I was working at a local Boston TV station with dreams of something even bigger.

“Some people use their story as an excuse. Thrivers use it as a platform to fly.”


So with $700 to my name, I packed everything I owned into my Mitsubishi Eclipse and hit the road for Los Angeles. Since then, I’ve worked for over two decades in TV and digital marketing, creating content for women with some of the most recognizable and innovative names in entertainment like Queen Latifah, Harry Connick Jr., Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen and Sharon Osbourne.

While my passion for all things entertainment brought me to LA, it’s what I’ve experienced personally and professionally that brought me my true purpose. Now instead of just creating content for others to market to women, I tap into my own personal insight and voice to connect with women — online and in person — helping them find their own distinct voices and use that voice in a way that’s authentic and effective.

This is where I am now. I’m here to serve you and your goals and passions in a way that will help you create a life you love.

Ready to
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Without a doubt, one of my biggest role models. If you are given ANY opportunity to work with her, you should take advantage of it! I have most recently been looking to develop my personal brand on all social media accounts. Without any hesitation, Jackie was the first person I called to coach me and give me some food for thought! After less than a hour on a motivational phone call with her, I was able to use her direct and encouraging advice. In fact, I was off and running the same day and feeling more confident than ever. This is just ONE of the many examples I can give for the advice and direction Jackie has given me over the past year! She is a wonder woman!