Are you tired of just “getting by” in your life and wish you could THRIVE? Keep reading, my friend.

Something absolutely magical happens in our 40s and beyond.

In some ways, we are soooo much more comfortable in our skin and feel in flow -- we're rocking our way through midlife. But at the very same time, OMG we can feel so stuck. Unsure. Detached. We've lost that lovin' feelin' for our own damn lives. What happened??? Sometimes it happens practically overnight, but sometimes it happens so slowly over time that we don’t even notice it. BOOM, we wake up one day and discover we're just phoning it in... going through the motions but CRAVING SOMETHING MORE.

Are you...

  • STUCK. Everyone else is doing great things with such passion, energy and motivation. So why can’t I seem to unlock my drive? Why does everyone else have goals except me?
  • UNSURE. I know I'm meant for something bigger and better, but I am totally unclear about what to do next with my life.
  • PULLED IN 1000 DIRECTIONS. Dude, I've got a full plate! Work... family obligations... adulting is A LOT. The idea of taking time to do something for ME is ridiculous.
  • UNSURE WHERE TO BEGIN. I have ideas – I get excited about them – but then I don’t even know how to start implementing them.
  • “YOU CAN’T DO THAT.”  The voices around me (especially the one in my head) keep me from believing passion and fulfillment can still actually happen for me.
  • BORED WITH THE STATUS QUO. I really want to make an impact and find my true purpose. I know there’s more for me. HELP!

If any or all of these ring true for you, there are three things you need to know RIGHT NOW. 


1. You're not alone

2. You can change things!

3. You're in the right place to get support and start thriving NOW!

Here's your customized, kickass roadmap

I believe that one of the key secrets to a happy life is always having something to look forward to. (Sounds easy enough… in theory.)However, most people don’t know how to look at the big picture and map out a strategy, often finding themselves instead struggling in the day-to-day tasks. Oh the monotony!

YOU are invited to REBOOT. 

The Reboot is a hands on, 6-week LIVE group coaching program that will walk you through a proven step by step process to help you...

  • Get super clear and set intentional goals: Stop wasting time in “the haze.” Start creating a solid picture of what a vibrant, purposeful, energized life looks like for you!
  • Create practical, easy-to-implement action steps: Once you identify where you want to go, the how to get there becomes easy breezy!
  • Access expert guidance: Not only am I here with you every step of the way but I'm bringing my expert friends who'll help with mindset, creating habits and believing in yourself and your dreams!
  • Get support from a community of like-minded women: I carefully select every member of this program. It's all about creating a collaborative, supportive connection. 
  • Stay accountable...and get RESULTS! Through the regular structure of our live calls and regular check-ins, it’s easy to show up, follow your plan and see remarkable results!

What We'll Cover in The Reboot:

WEEK 1: REIMAGINE + REINSPIRE (We light the spark from within) 

WEEK 2: RECOMMIT (We're goal setting machines) 

WEEK 3: REMOVE + REDISCOVER (Obstacles be gone!)

WEEK 4: RELATIONSHIPS + RESOURCES (It's all about support)

WEEK 5: REVIEW + REPLACE (We evaluate what's working, what's not and tweak for maximum impact)

WEEK 6: RECONNECT + RELEASE (Let's collaborate and celebrate your bright future!)

What You Get with The REBOOT...

It's all about maximizing support and providing a variety of ways to help you succeed!

Weekly coaching calls

Get your time in the "hot seat" to work through challenges & get feedback.

Downloadable REBOOT Journal + Planner

to help you design the life you deserve!

An Active + Engaged Community

to provide you the support and connection you need to thrive!

Want more? You Got It!

Lifetime Access and Free Updates

Bonus Content with Experts in Work, Wealth and Wellness

Exclusive events and advance access to upcoming events

Speaking of BONUSES

Enroll in The Reboot and get FREE bonus content from our favorite experts who are ready to help you address those life challenges from a holistic approach. ($997 value)


Plus (drum roll please)

-- A BONUS one-on-one coaching session with yours truly where we uncover your personal strengths and how best to use them. ($297 value)

I am SO ready to REBOOT! What’s the investment?

Leap Into a Life You Love by Choosing the Plan Best for YOU

Weekly live coaching calls • Downloadable journal + planner •  An active + engaged community • Bonus content with dedicated experts • Special access to upcoming events.













100% money back guarantee

I believe in this program so much, I will offer a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. Show us you've done the work by participating in the live calls and sharing your journal + planner. I am so confident that this course will help you get positive results in your life, I'm totally cool with giving you your money back – if you show up to play and put in the effort.

The Reboot Is for You if...

You are ready to elevate your life; personally, professionally or both.

You're committed to unlock more abundance, happiness and prosperity.

You're interested in turning your passion and purpose into profits, get your voice out into the world or maybe even transform your creativity into a business. (Not necessary but welcome!)

Maybe you're feeling stuck and looking for clear direction. Have no clue what you want next? We've got you. 

The Reboot is NOT for You if...

You just want to just exist, ignoring your personal gifts and purpose.

You're not willing to dig deep, do the work and shine the way you were meant to.

We’re all about getting honest, uncovering your brilliance and transforming lives here.

If you’re content in the status quo and have no desire to blow the lid off your life,

we love you but this ain't for you. 


Who am I and why did I create The REBOOT?

Hi! I’m Jackie!

Like many women, I’ve enjoyed personal and professional success throughout my adult life. But one day I woke up in my mid 40s and realized I was feeling a bit stuck, lacking direction in my life, personally and professionally and couldn’t understand why. I was smack-dab-in-the-middle of the freelance life hustle, working 12+ hours a day for months at a time and then scrambling for work when the gig was over. I was flying by the seat of my pants at home, trying to get my own creative projects off the ground while raising three kids in what felt like a chaotic, uninspired environment.
I didn’t understand how someone who used to be so motivated and passionate was now just waking up each day – existing in life, definitely not thriving in the way I used to.
And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I asked myself, “When is the last time you figured out what you really want and set a goal for yourself?” I mean, I certainly was setting goals for everyone else – my clients, my kids, my husband. But it had been a long time since I took stock in my own life and created habits that would help me reach a new level of satisfaction.
What’s weird is that I used to be so on it. In my early 20s, I moved across the country by myself with only $700 to my name. I bought my first house on my own at 28. I hit my goal of a six-figure income by the time I turned 30. I felt like a success machine! What happened to me?
Like you, life happened. I realized I had to dig deep and get honest with myself before I could figure out my next path in life. I got myself a coach to help me identify my own purpose and passion and saw changes in myself and the world around me -- instantly! Who knew the answers were actually already within me? And they're within you, too! 
So whether you’re feeling totally stuck or possibly have an idea of where you want to be but no clue how to get there, I believe The Reboot can and will change your life for the better -- today. You might even go further, faster than I ever could. That would make me so happy!
Here’s the thing: It’s been proven time and time again that accountability is the key to achieving goals. Clarity, community and collaboration will get you where you want to be, I am 100% sure of that. I would love to work with you to help you create a life that makes you feel confident and inspired. I know it’s right there inside you, we just need to unleash it. 

Are you ready to REBOOT?



How long will I have access to the content? You’ve got lifetime access! And you'll be invited to join us each time we offer it again!

How is the course content delivered? I believe in working together in real time, creating live online workshops and coaching so I can better respond to the your needs. Plus, you’ll have access to the recordings later to revisit any content you may need in the future. 

When do the live calls happen? Once registration closes, we will reach out to you to find a time that works best. Please know that we’re 100% committed to finding a time that works for all group members. On the rare occasion we can’t find a time that works for you, I will move you to another group or, last case scenario, refund your money.

Could I find this content online for free? Here’s the thing. There’s a boatload of info out there online. And you could Google for the next six months, pulling it all together and trying to figure out what step to take next. Sure. But this program is so much more than information. I will personally help you leap over your own hurdles and celebrate those big and small victories with you. Google can’t do that. This is not a program you buy and keep on a shelf. 

This is a huge step for me. Is it really worth the price? I know when I hired my coach, I definitely did not have money burning a hole in my pocket. I respect that it can be a financial stretch. My goal is that you can make such impactful changes in your life, that you will begin to feel an emotional and freedom you didn’t know existed. If making more money is part of that plan, you'll be off to the races with clarity and confidence!

Hear from past REBOOT members!

"I just have to say thank you! What started out as business coaching turned into some true soul searching which lead to prioritizing my health. A lesson so much more valuable than I could have imagined. I made myself such a low priority that I have been ignoring chronic pain issues for years! I honestly don't know how long it would have gone on if we hadn't started working on these goals. It has been such a big shift in perspective for me. The stories we tell ourselves (ex. there's nothing I can do about it) are so powerful and we don't even realize it. Thank you for opening me up to this and helping me help myself. I am now on the road to healing. You are such an amazing coach (for business AND life) and I love that you are doing this. You have helped me so much and I know you are going to help so many more too! "

Lori C.

"The best way to describe The Reboot is it's like getting a life alignment, and Jackie is the master chiropractor. She has the rare ability to ask the right questions, cut through the clutter, and help you make the needed adjustments to manifest what you want in life. So every week, you feel stronger, healthier, and more aligned with your personal and professional goals. Jackie knows how to balance candor and directness with intuition and compassion. Her assignments don't feel like homework, but more like bit-sized actionable steps you can take to tackle your biggest obstacles. I loved the group dynamic because I not only received Jackie's individual coaching and expertise, but the support and feedback of an amazing group of women. I highly recommend The Reboot if you're looking for a business coach, personal guru, and advocate who is determined to help you live your best life and be your best self. "

Pam M.

"I've taken plenty of other web-based seminars and courses, and what really made a difference was being on the live calls each week, talking to real people in real time. It was like a virtual standing coffee date with some great girlfriends - the kind who truly support you in your goals, and keep you honest in taking the necessary steps. The fact that it was live made it nearly impossible to put off, which is what often happened in other self-directed workshops I've taken. Most importantly, working with Jackie in The Reboot really helped me get to the heart of what I desire most, and identify what was blocking me from creating the life I wanted. And where other courses take a one-size-fits-all approach, the way the materials and content are designed meant that I could customize my action plan specific to my needs; there was no part of the program that was irrelevant to me, no parts that I needed to "skip over." But what I valued most was Jackie's genuine personality and her unique approach in helping each of us. As a mother, a working professional and a woman over forty, Jackie has a wealth of experience - all of which was extremely relevant for me at this stage in my life. She is genuinely invested in seeing each of her clients progress and she does so with compassion, yet she does not hesitate to crack the whip when necessary! Having a partner to keep me accountable was instrumental in achieving the success I enjoy today, and being part of a group of women who were all facing similar struggles also made me feel less alone in my own challenges. It was so refreshing to witness the progress each of us made from one week to the next! Being part of The Reboot gave me the tools and the space to create an intentional life of my own design. Thank you, Jackie. You are truly one in a million! "

Barbara L.


The next round of THE REBOOT begins March 1, 2021. Registration closes on February 24, 2021.





















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